In 2005, Double Happiness weightlifting equipment was approved by the International Weightlifting Federation as a level barbell, and Double Happiness became a equipment supplier for the weightlifting competition of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Others include football, volleyball, basketball, tennis and other related products.

The “Double Happiness” brand weightlifting equipment has only entered the field of vision for only five years. In the past few years, they have always maintained “intimate contact” with athletes from participating countries to learn more about the potential needs of athletes. The innovation is made from the moderate elasticity of the barbell piece, the easy installation of the small bell piece, the safety of the clamp locking device and the ease of loading. In terms of grip comfort, “Double Happiness” has improved the knurling according to the characteristics of the athlete's hand, making it more human.
In the past, domestic weightlifting equipment usually gave people a more cumbersome feeling, which greatly reduced the appreciation of the weightlifting competition. This issue was specifically improved in the design of the product: the barbell piece is clip-on, weightlifting The magnesium powder box on the stage, the auxiliary equipment such as the inserting car are also designed more beautifully. These seemingly simple designs will make the audience who came to watch the game shine. Double Happiness DHS "is the only equipment brand in China that has entered the Olympic Games four times in a row. It is the only brand in China that has been provided by several competitions in the first Olympic Games. It has also appeared in the World Table Tennis Championships, Ping Pong World Cup, Badminton World Cup, Badminton Masters, and Weightlifting World Championships. The world's top competitions such as the competition.
"Double Happiness" has been well received by the International Federation of the United States for its superior precision, safety, flexibility and aesthetics. In May 2005, the “Double Happiness” weightlifting barbell became the “A” standard barbell approved by the IWF; in June 2006, “Double Happiness” successfully provided the full set of equipment for the World Youth Weightlifting Championships, the 2007 World Weightlifting Championships and The 2008 Olympic Games will use DHS's weightlifting equipment, which is a solid step for them to finally go to the Olympics.

  • In 1998, he was awarded the "Shanghai Famous Trademark"
  • In 1999, he was awarded the "China Famous Brand"
  • Awarded "China Famous Brand" in 2004 and 2007
  • Passed ISO9001 certification in 2005